Meteen naar de inhoud

A most needed different
point of view

I provide leaders with ideas and solutions to obtain better results from themselves, their projects, teams, and organizations. Whether you start from scratch, from being stuck, or from a merry status quo, I provide insight in how you can make things move properly and into a direction that increases your chances of getting better results.

These days both people and organizations are increasingly required to become more adaptive in many areas. Despite well-intended efforts, promising methods and fancy tools, results aren’t always showing up that clearly, if at all.

My philosophy is to first understand why change is needed and then where exactly it is needed. Together we consider what should be changed and also what should be preserved. Then we try things out and discover what works. Not by chance, but by organizing it properly.


If you have a business inquiry, please let me know. You can find me at LinkedIn or send me an email: info at patrickverheij dot nl

I have over 20 years of experience guiding different organizations and projects. I have worked with many individuals in many different roles aside from all kinds of teams, including executive and management teams, software development teams, devops teams, project teams, business development teams, research teams, marketing teams, business teams, innovation teams, product teams, service teams, multi disciplinairy teams, remote teams, teams with mixed cultures, and many individual professionals.

As a board member of the Agile Consortium, I am connected to quite a few professionals and organizations, as well as experienced in hosting small and large events, and being the chairman of a board of directors.